Employment FAQs

Who is the John J. Brennan Construction Company?
John J. Brennan Construction Company is a family-owned business with 130 – 140 employees and 250 pieces of equipment. We’re a union shop that participates with the Laborer’s International Union of North America and the AFL-CIO International Union of Operating Engineers.

What kinds of projects does Brennan build, and what size are they?

John J. Brennan Construction is involved in four main areas of construction:
a) Infrastructure construction – all phases including, electrical, telephone, gas and water. All forms of underground construction, street and road construction and or rehabilitation.
b) Site Development, excavation and material balancing Projects – State Funded and Private Commercial projects of all sizes
c) Utility Work – emergency and scheduled in ground utility work
d) Aggregate Products – Sale, production and recycling of aggregate products – commercial and non-commercial sales

How can I apply for employment with Brennan?
Applications can be picked up at the main office located at 70 Platt Road in Shelton, CT during office hours – 6:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Resumes may also be submitted by fax (203-929-0144) or by email to jjb1@jjbrennan.com.

Are there any pre-employment requirements for employment at Brennan?
Yes, all positions of employment at John J. Brennan Construction Company require the applicant to take a pre-employment physical, drug screening and breath/alcohol tests. Field staff must currently participate in or join the applicable union to be employed with Brennan.

What kinds of benefits are available to Brennan employees?

Upon becoming a full-time employee (after a 90-day trial period), each non-union employee is eligible for group life, short-term disability, medical and dental benefits. After the probationary period, employees are eligible to join the company 401(k) program during the next enrollment periods, which are held in January and June of each year. Union employees receive the benefits extended to them from their respective union.

What is the pay rate for new employees?
Each new non-union employee receives a starting pay based on position and experience. Employees are usually reviewed annually with adjustments as appropriate. Union employees receive the rate based on their union class, experience, position and the current union contract.