Recycling, Gravel & Aggregate

Brennan is its own source for aggregate materials for both internal projects and retail use. Located in Shelton, CT, we screen, crush and prepare the product to meet a variety of specifications. Plus, to help keep our environment green, it’s our policy to accept clean fill, concrete, rubble and asphalt.


Stone and Process
Stone 3/8 ”
Stone 3/4″
Stone 1/2″
Stone 1 1/4″
Stone 2″
Stone 3″
Process 3/4″
Process 1 1/4″
Process aggregate 2 1/4″
Process, 3 1/2″ minus
Stone dust
Pipe cover
Loam, screened
Rock credit

Recycled Process
Recycled stone
Process recycled 3/4″
Process recycled 1 1/4″
Process recycled 3 1/2″

Sand, washed – when available

Truck axle weights

Fill, Structural
Fill, septic – when available

Rip Rap
Rip rap, mod 6″-10″
Rip rap, interm 10″-18″
Rip rap, stan 15″-30”

Dump Fees
Dump fee, Clean Fill (limited quantities if acceptable)
Dump fee, concrete
Dump fee, asphalt – for reuse as process*
Dump fee, asphalt – clean for asphalt recycling*

Dumping Rules

*Only Brennan employees will classify asphalt for dumping
• All materials to be dumped must be approved prior to unload
• All materials must be separated
• To be considered clean, dumped asphalt must be free of dirt, concrete, rock, etc.
• Clean Fill accepted in limited quantities only. Larger quantities require approval.
• No wood, stumps, trash, painted concrete, contaminated or polluted soil

All trucks must check in at scale house
Payment terms 1-1/2% per month (annual rate of 18%) will be added to any unpaid past due balance
All costs of collection will be paid by purchaser

Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Plant: (203) 924-1154 or (203) 712-7054
Office: (203) 929-6314

Special pricing available for large quantity purchases.
Pricing available for material delivery.

Recycling Gravel & Aggregate