Site Development & Excavation

Critical expertise for this critical phase.
As our extensive customer list demonstrates, John J. Brennan’s approach to excavation, road building, utility installation and paving is a 100-year cornerstone of our business. We develop relationships as eagerly as we develop sites – our customer testimonials make that apparent, year after year after year.

Services include:
– Rock removal, sheeting
– Shoring and stabilization measures
– Paving, milling and parking lot rehabilitation
– Site concrete, environmental site remediation
– Building demolition – Class A license

Our own material resource center.
Material management is key when allocating material excess or shortage for any project. Operating our own material resource center allows us to plan and control costs more effectively than our competition. As you know, this can make or break the timetable or budget of any site development.

Not just fully prepared – highly trained.
Site Development & Excavation is the all-important first phase of any project – we take that phase seriously. That’s why Brennan is also fully licensed to perform all maintenance tasks required, from demolition through site development. Further reason for customers to believe in us to get their project started with the right team.

Proper evaluation = proper excavation.
Nearly 120 years has taught us a few things about what’s best for each project. We know what to look for, what to ask, and how best to ensure an efficient and streamlined construction process. We invite you to contact us for a precise evaluation of your needs.

Site Development